Operational efficiency

How can I improve the operational efficiency of my business? From change to time management, read our helpful guide to operational efficiency.

Whether you’re setting out on your business journey or have been established for many years, you need the most efficient organisational structure. Increasing operational efficiency/productivity is rarely a straightforward task that exists in isolation; continuous improvement is a mindset for the organisation as a whole to not only grow but to tackle inefficiency in all parts of your business.

Involving all the team in shaping improvements, initially with small wins, increases the likelihood of achieving the benefits – as well as framing continuous improvement as the norm. When positive change becomes achievable, targets can be stretched further by the use of SMART objective setting to help reach organisational goals. Perhaps what was once working brilliantly is now failing to meet customer expectations or the improvement initiatives you are putting in place do not seem to be working – this is where the following resources will come in.