Manage Your Business

Accounting and Tax

In this section, you can learn about the different types of accounting, understand which accountancy services are available and then compare accountancy software packages, where we have evaluated 18 comparison websites, industry reports and sector expert reviews to route you to the best places to get high-quality insight. We have also drawn together resources to help you register for tax, VAT and pension schemes, and discuss why each is important to your business.

Banking, Payments and Point-of-Sale Systems

Do you need a traditional bank or a new challenger bank? What payment service is right for you?

Here you’ll decide which type of banks is right for you, plus get to grips with e-commerce payment systems in our “best of” list and learn more about point-of-sale (POS) systems.


Board membership and governance of any business is a critical for risk management, forming strategies to propel the business forwards and ensuring legal compliance. This section covers responsibilities of a boardevaluating risk and how to assess KPIs as part of your management strategy.


Identifying and meeting the different UK and international laws and standards can be complicated, but it’s important for stopping things going wrong and controlling anything that does. The resources we have compiled allows you to identify what laws apply to you, know what insurance you need and how to protect your intellectual property.