Using technology to grow your business. 

If you feel the need to digitise your business, but find the prospect daunting, then this webinar is a great place to get started.

Kay Kukoyi CSM FITOL is a software delivery specialist, global tech start-up mentor, author and speaker, and has designed this session for people with no technical experience.

This session will help you to:

  • Understand the skills and tools for getting a website, web application, or mobile application built
  • Gain practical knowledge about programming languages and development processes
  • Learn the relevant jargon to get yourself up-to-speed, so that you’re familiar with the terms and terminology to communicate your needs clearly
  • Learn how to hire and successfully manage a relationship with a developer, and how to stay on track with the development of a digital product
  • Explore options and alternatives with tools to help you “Do It Yourself” and minimise costs, rather than hiring a developer to assist you.


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